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ThreatsWatch Terms of Use

ThreatsWatch.Org (TW) sets the following policies for the use of TW affiliated sites or services:

Accessibility Policy

ThreatsWatch.Org will make efforts to meet accessibility standards and to aid users in navigating, non-visual reading, text only delivery and other forms of delivery. Some portions of TW sites may not be available due to the rich media content provided, and all portions of TW sites may be revised from time to time. At the discretion of TW the sites and content will be offered in various templates (CSS based) to permit users to select font, style and content appearance.

Comment Policy

Certain articles and features at TW affiliated sites permit and encourage reader participation via commenting. In those places that permit comments, all comments are subject to revision or removal for violating the policies set forth herein. TW makes no warranty to the accuracy of user entered comments, nor do we condone or affirm the opinions of reader based comments.

  • Language - All comments must remain free of offensive, derogitory or inflammatory language including foul or coarse language unsuitable to a broad and diverse audience of readers.

  • Personal attacks on the editors, authors or readers of TW sites will not be permitted.

  • All comments should remain on topic.

  • While we encourage readers to add to the dialogue, readers are not permitted to advertise sites or services via comments, nor are readers permitted to copy in full the text of copyrighted material or articles published elsewhere. Link, and if it contributes to the discussion, use a short excerpt.

  • Commenters will be required to leave an email address and are encouraged to submit their website or URL also. Email addresses will not be published to the site, however, if it is determined that it is a false address, the comment will be removed. Commenters are encouraged to sign up for a Typekey or other name verification services.

  • Comments not authenticated through Typekey or other similar services may be held in queue before being published, and at the discretion of TW, may not be published.

  • TW reserves the right to delete or alter (with or without notification) any comment with or without explanation. The content of your comments are the responsibility of the site owners and therefor must adhere to the standards stated, added and/or unstated in this policy statement.

Limitations to Use

All web based content and services offered by TW are limited to personal and non-commercial use, unless otherwise specified. Content may not be modified, copied, distributed, transmitted or reproduced in any form, including derivative works, without the prior explicit approval of TW. Individuals and non-commercial users may quote, excerpt and link to content with appropriate attribution.

Links to Third Party Sites

Links to sites not affiliated with TW are not under the control of TW and TW is not responsible for the content, links, or availability of such linked sites. By providing links to third party sites, TW offers no endorsement, unless explicitly stated in the context of the link, and provides these links as a convenience to the reader of TW sites.

Policy Changes

This policy may be adjusted in part or in full at the discretion of ThreatsWatch.Org from time to time.