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Steve Schippert

Steve served in the U.S. Marine Corps from June 1985 to June 1993, including service during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm to liberate Kuwait. Steve's career has included being a program director for a television station, and eventually a move into information technology and a career as an instructor for a significant IT product certification program.

Steve began writing online in August 2004 primarily on issues of foreign policy, national security and media coverage of the War on Terror at his personal blog, The Word Unheard, which was closed after his efforts moved to ThreatsWatch. Steve has also written on political and social issues at Wizbang, and provided regular reports on the War on Terror for Winds of Change.NET. Steve has also been published in the Washington Times and online at the Weekly Standard and the National Review and is currently a regular contributor at National Review Online’s MilBlog, The Tank.

As a regular guest, Steve is Crane Durham’s terrorism and national security expert on Durham’s Nothing But Truth daily national radio broadcast on the American Family Radio Network. Steve has also provided terrorism, security and military analysis on The Hugh Hewitt Show, The John Batchelor Show, The Martha Zoller Show and others, and his written work has been featured on MSNBC.

In 2009, he began a weekly National Security podcast, The Steve Schippert Show, which is published each Monday morning on iTunes and available online at Take That! Radio. For significant events and developments, Steve produces special productions as warranted. Thousands already subscribe to the Steve Schippert Show via iTunes.

At ThreatsWatch, Steve focuses on the strategic and operational impact of policy decisions and events, particularly with regard to emerging threats, such as Iran and Syria or the democratization efforts in Lebanon. Steve also contributes significantly on the Arab-Israeli conflict, Pakistan, North African conflicts and the War on Terror's progress.

Steve is a co-Founder of ThreatsWatch and of the Center for Threat Awareness where he serves on the Board of Directors. Steve is the Managing Editor of ThreatsWatch and is the Producer of its FireWatch program.