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Mark Safranski

Mark Safranski is the creator of Zenpundit.com, a well regarded blog dedicated to exploring the intersections of foreign and defense policies, history, military theory, national security policy, strategic thinking, futurism, cognition and a number of other esoteric pursuits. He can also be found blogging at Chicago Boyz, Progressive Historians and CTLab, a U.K. academic site devoted to human terrain studies.

Mark holds an MA in diplomatic history and is a contributor to Pajamas Media as well as an educator and an adviser to a private Internet company, Conversationbase, LLC.

Mark was the editor of The John Boyd Roundtable: Debating Science, Strategy and War and was a contributing author to Threats in The Age of Obama, both published by Nimble Books.

At ThreatsWatch Mark will be primarily focused on issues related to national security strategy.