Fred Stakelbeck

Fred Stakelbeck is a widely recognized expert on the economic and national security implications of China's emerging regional and global strategic influence. He has an extensive background in finance, technology and legal matters. He holds an undergraduate degree from Temple University and a Master's Degree from Villanova University. Currently, Fred is a Senior Asia Fellow with the Center for Security Policy, a well-respected Washington-based national security think-tank.

Fred has written extensively on Asia related and other topics for publications such as the Washington Times, Asia Times, In the National Interest,, the American Thinker and is a regular contributor to

At ThreatsWatch, Fred will focus on the Far East and US policy with regard to China and its neighbors or allies. Fred's will also provide insight and guidance to ThreatsWatch's coverage of domestic economic policy and global economic development efforts.

Fred is a member of the Center for Threat Awareness where he serves on the Board of Directors.

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