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Breaking: Qaddafi "Road Map to Peace" In Libya?

News breaks that Libyan dictator Col. Muammar Qaddafi has "accepted a road map to peace," according to Sky News of Great Britain. South African president Jacob Zuma reportedly emerged from meetings with Qaddafi with some manner of agreement.

The African leaders arrived in Tripoli earlier today as part of a delegation seeking to negotiate a truce in the Libyan conflict.

The roadmap calls for an end to hostilities, "diligent conveying of humanitarian aid" and "dialogue between the Libyan parties", the leaders said in a statement.

Sky's chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay, who is in Tripoli reporting under the restrictions of the Libyan authorities, said it could be the crucial first step towards peace.

It could be that "crucial first step towards peace" - and it could also be little to nothing. It all depends what one presumes to be the definition of 'peace.' Too many may likely read into this report a form of capitulation on the part of Qaddafi.

It is highly unlikely at this stage - a relative position of strength for Qaddafi - that a "road map to peace" has any road leading Qaddafi out of Tripoli.

Don't just take my word for it. Listen to the British Defence Secrectary, Liam Fox. "The truth is that the Gaddafi regime is quite well dug in," he said.

Why would Qaddafi, who still has the ability to slug it out with the 'rebels' indefinitely, suddenly capitulate? "Peace" and surrender, you see, are two entirely different things no matter how peace is defined. For Qaddafi, at this point, it's quite plausible that "peace" means something along the lines of "how about you boys quit blowing up my gear?"

Matt Lauer and a few CNN hosts may get excited about such a report, perhaps desiring to read more into it than is there, as the Obama administration requires a settled end to this for a face-saving exit. But you should be more cautious.

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