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Exit Mubarak: Egypt Effects Regime Change?

UPDATE: Mubarak Stays: But Transfers "Authority" to Vice President - with video of Tahrir Square reaction.

As Egypt awaits Hosni Mubarak's address to the nation expected this evening, the speculation is rampant that he will step down with the speech. The people of Egypt will have suddenly and unexpectedly effected their own regime change.

When the Chief of Staff of the Egyptian army tells ABC News it is over, it's more than simple speculation about ttonight's coming events. When asked if Mubarak will leave Egypt after tonight, General Sami Enan said, "I can't say, but I can say this is over."

Even after tonight, there will be infinitely more questions than answers - for Egypt and its people, for the people under regimes in the region, and for security and the future of the Egyptian-Israeli peace.

But Egypt also matters far beyond the Middle East region. More than most busy Americans realize. The events in Egypt will directly impact our lives here at home for generations to come.

History is being made with futures in the balance. As the situations unfold, we will unpack the events with an eye and an ear ahead, explaining things as we see them and in plain English.

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