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January 16, 2011

Bullets Across the Border

There are those, on both sides of the border, who work to dissuade citizens of the "spill over of violence" from Mexico to the United States, and in this case, Texas. Not Greg Abbott who is the Attorney General of Texas.

Following another cross border shooting this week in west Texas, Abbott has sent a letter to Congressman Lamar Smith, R-Tx21 and Congressman Peter King, R-NY3 highlighting the most recent shooting.

Yesterday, gunmen in Mexico fired across the border at American road workers in rural West Texas in rural West Texas. Law enforcement has indicated the shooting may have been an attempt by cartel operatives to scare the workers away from the cartels' drug smuggling operations in our country. Fortunately, no Americans were injured or killed in these incidents. But clearly, American lives are gravely threatened by the increasingly volatile situation on the border. As yesterday's incident demonstrates, the threat is not limited to stray bullets that miss their intended targets inside Mexico.

That is clearly what it has come to. Americans are at risk when doing their jobs or living their lives, "simply" (and innocently) for stumbling into an area where the drug cartels might be operating. Denials a numerous, but it is known that the cartels have established themselves "state-side" with warehouses and safe-houses,

The incursions and flying bulletts have been going on for some time now. Both Congressmen, Smith (Judiciary) and King (Homeland Security) now are Chairmen of their respective committees in the House of Representatives. Parts of Mr. Smith's district lie within 150-200 miles of the Texas border with Mexico. As for Mr. King, he has been aware of and concerned about the spill over of cartel aggression and violence perhaps earlier than most in Congress (see for a copy of a letter from Congressman King to me on the subject). Maybe Attorney General Abbott's letter will spur action this time.

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