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Lost and Found

There is reason to be concerned, actually, very concerned about a few aspects of this situation. It seems that a shipment of radioactive rods was misplaced by Federal Express. Even though "officials" say there was "little threat," one of three containers of radioactive rods sent from Fargo, ND to Knoxville Tn. were misplaced when a shipping label went missing from the outer box.

The situation came to light when the company on the receiving end contacted Federal Express that they had not gotten the full shipment. While these were low yield rods used to calibrate CT scan machines, these types of materials could become the fuel needed by terrorists to pack a "dirty bomb" that could spread serious amounts of radioactivity if detonated.

So the question is if it is time to tightly control shipments of any radioactive materials, even those used in medical applications? Shipments of hazardous materials are strictly controlled - - Regardless of existing provisions, radioactive materials for medical applications should be placed under tighter and more strict controls. Frankly, the shippers like Fed Ex need to be held accountable and ensure greater vigilance over any shipments like the one in question here.

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