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The Wall on the Mexican Border

As controversial an issue as the construction of a wall on the Mexican border has been, there are reports that one is being built. Each year more than 500,000 people pass across that border illegally. The wall is being built to protect Mexico's southern border with Guatemala.

Officials are being quoted as saying that the purpose of the wall is to prevent the flow of contraband and illegal aliens from crossing the border.

Yes, there are humanitarian issues regarding Guatemala that prompt their citizens to flee the country. The trouble we have here is that the wall is being built in Chiapas Mexico along the border with Guatemala. It's probably time to ask President Felipe Calderón about the double standard.

On the other hand and related to the question of security on the U.S. southern border, here are some observations made in a trip across Interstate 8 from Palm Springs California to Tucson Arizona (on purpose to avoid traffic patterns in Phoenix). Most of that border is unguarded. Along one stretch of open area, there were open structures that looked like 3-D triangles made of PVC piping through which humans and all types of wild life could easily pass. Driving that route you pass one of the 32 permanent Border Patrol checkpoints on I-8 East approximately 15 miles east of Yuma. Along the way, we passed at least one other security stop going east, and had gone through two heading west. Granted that we didn't fit any profile, but driving in a 24 foot Winnebago, the cursory examination of the vehicle was surprising. If you talk to people who own ranches that are traversed by people flowing across the U.S.-Mexican border, consistently you will hear that many of the people are not Mexican or Hispanic looking. We have a problem and it seems pretty clear that we are not paying attention to it.

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Wall should have been built after Reagan Amnesty, most certainly after 9-11.
The present situation is suicidal.

I sometimes wonder that if Gore had been president, would Republicans have forced the issue...

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