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UN Blames Lebanon For Israeli Border Clash

The news spread quickly that the UN Security Council voted unanimously to extend the Blue Hats' (UNIFIL) mission in Lebanon for another year. But the word virtually unheard is that the same order voted upon unanimously also squarely blamed the Lebanese army for an August 3 border clash in which four were killed, including an Israeli officer.

After a unanimous vote by the 15-nation Security Council to extend UNIFIL's mandate for another 12 months, Israel's deputy ambassador to the United Nations, Haim Waxman, quoted what he said was a U.N. report on UNIFIL's investigation.

"The Lebanese Armed Forces opening fire, which triggered the exchange, constitutes a serious violation of resolution 1701 and a flagrant breach of the cessation of hostilities," Waxman quoted the UNIFIL report as saying.

"At the time of the initial Lebanese Armed Forces fire, the Israeli Defense Forces troops were positioned on the Israeli side, south of the Blue Line."

While Australia's Sydney Morning Herald could only bring itself to headline that the "UN deplores" the Lebanon-Israel clash earlier this month, it's quite clear that the Security Council collectively without dissent or abstaining votes finds fault not with Israel - news in and of itself - but with Lebanon's army, as reported by Reuters.

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