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Hizballah & Syrian Army Set Up Joint War Room

It's not good news, per se, but it should indeed serve as a clarifying development for those either unaware or in willful denial (a list that includes at least a few coddling Washington politicians.) MEMRI has found that Kuwait's Al-Rai daily newspaper is reporting that Hizballah and the Syrian Army are cooperating at unprecedented levels and have set up a joint war room and delineated sectors of responsibility for war with Israel.

...the sides have established a joint war room, and have determined which will be responsible for missile attacks on different Israeli targets, and have shared intelligence about Israeli military bases and troop concentration areas.

The sides also have agreed to build an aerial umbrella, to restrict the movements of the Israeli air force, and have determined sectors of responsibility for the naval arena.

This seems yet another sign that the next hot conflict with Israel, unlike the 2006 Summer War, may well be for "all the marbles" in the eyes of Hizballah, Iran and Syria.

Hizballah effectively owns south Lebanon and, like the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas and others, has significant leadership offices in the Syrian capital, Damascus.

Consider this in context with US and Israeli protest over Russian missile sales to Syria. (See the DailyBriefing of August 30, 2010.)

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