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Zeta Invasion Rumors Won't Die

The rumor spread like wildfire and then died like the Edward Cullen character in the movie "Twilight" (yet even in the light of day, it actually still hasn't died). Mid-morning this past Saturday a web site (referring to itself as an on-line publisher) claimed that Texas had been invaded. More specifically, the article claimed that two ranches on the American side of the border in Laredo Texas had been overtaken by Los Zetas. The real issue here is that even after denials, these people still insist that the event happened.

The scary thing is, it's as if some people actually want to believe there's a media conspiracy. They would actually rather hear their news from people who reinforce their beliefs. Opposing viewpoints be damned. And in the case of the drug cartels taking over ranches in Laredo, they apparently aren't even that interested in the truth.

It is true that in the past, Los Zetas and other Mexican nationals have crossed the U.S.-Mexico border. These incursions have concerned many people in the U.S. government and along the border. It is also true that Los Zetas have established training camps on the U.S. side of the border (this really isn't new news). It is also true that the border violence, especially in Ciudad Juarez has resulted in bullets fired across the border and recently striking the El Paso city hall. Further, it is true that teenagers associated with the drug cartels are members of street gangs and now even populate some high schools in Texas.

It is not true that two ranches in Laredo Texas were taken over by Los Zetas this past weekend.

Some in the blog world have cited the lack of coverage by their foils, the traditional media, as proof that "something was going on." Others have claimed that because local law enforcement did not respond to their inquiries, there was something going on.

It is not true that two ranches in Laredo Texas were taken over by Los Zetas this past weekend.

Los Zetas are dangerous and deadly. They behead and dismember their targets. Yes, Los Zetas are rogues with an objective of overtaking the drug cartels and inserting themselves firmly into the game of the drug war (actually, they already are a factor). It is true that Los Zetas and elements of other drug cartels have exerted influence in places like Austin Texas.

It is not true that two ranches in Laredo Texas were taken over by Los Zetas this past weekend.

As early as 2005 there were publicized incursions across the border by Los Zetas. If we need only one reason to secure the border, it should be to keep the violent elements of Mexico's drug cartel war out of the United States. But it could well be too late.

Maybe it is, but I don't consider this a function or matter of the extreme conservative blog world making a non-issue into a major event, even in the face of denials and facts to the contrary.

But officials with the Laredo Police Department, Webb County Sheriff's Department and Border Patrol said they knew nothing about such an incident, while Erik Vasys, an FBI spokesman in San Antonio, said the agency does not comment on rumors. "The public would be the first to know if anything was going on," said Webb County Sheriff Martin Cuellar on Sunday afternoon. "Our deputies went out there and talked to ranch owners in the area and found nothing."

Someone even "tweeted" me that "We in TX are routinely getting hit with gun fire coming from Mexico side war," It's pretty easy to talk about things happening from a distance. Well, this "tweeter" lives in North Texas, approximately 500 miles from where I sit right now (if you aren't concerned with the speed limit I sit about 2 hours from Laredo).

Fear mongering for what purpose? Certainly, the weekend before Arizona SB1070 is supposed to go into effect has nothing to do with it, right? Distracting everyone from the real issues of border security and immigration enforcement is not a productive thing to do.


Cui bono?

Too many "can neither confirm or deny" responses preceded the unequivocal denials.

iluvscoops teated this: It is sad we don't have trust in our media or govt to know if Laredo story is true or false. Where did our trust go?

Digger and his cohorts shot themselves in the foot, yet they continue to perpetuate the bogus rumor... For crying out loud, give it up, their 15 minutes is long past...

I don't know "to whose benefit" or what benefit the hoax may have been perpetrated. The hoax could be for a number of reasons. I have friends who live on the border (nothing); fact is that my friends in the FBI are bemused by the rumors - they would tell me if there was something that happened. I see no reason to doubt them.

Jay, I have a close friend here that is a SGT/CID TX DPS and he couldn't find anything, and that was almost as soon as it came out... Calls were made to Troopers I know in the Houston area, nada...

I called them on it before sundown last Saturday, and even now, they stand behind their story and sources and that it's all a cover up...

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