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White House Sparks Fury With Wikileaks Statement

On the heels of the Wikileaks release of yet more classified information (see: Wikileaks Hath Spoken: Now Step Aside Or Get Stampeded By Journalists Seeking Pulitzers) the White House was quick to deflect the ensuing media maelstrom from itself.

This bit of spineless tap dancing from the White House borders (at best) on an endorsement of the storm.

"The period of time covered in these documents (January 2004-December 2009) is before the President announced his new strategy. Some of the disconcerting things reported are exactly why the President ordered a three month policy review and a change in strategy."

Someone will have to put in a few hours of overtime wordsmithing to persuade me how the above is any different from the attitude that the White House is 'technically responsible for Guantanamo Bay, but not really responsible.'

Of course, the fury may well be confined largely to those deployed in harms way and, well, guys like me. It certainly isn't shared by the Pulitzer class.

That is a truly loathsome, immature and irresponsible statement from the Office of the President. Any president.

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