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Political Correctness

Political Correctness is Going to Get Alot of Americans Killed. It's a simple fact (OK, opinion). Attorney General Eric Holder exhibited an extraordinary degree of dissonance and avoidance in questioning in front of a House Judiciary Committee hearing yesterday.

Noting this, House Homeland Security Committee ranking Republican Pete King (N.Y.) said that the Attorney General, "doesn't deserve" to keep his position.

"An attorney general who eight and a half years after Sept. 11 does not realize our enemy is radical Islam is either so politically correct or so out of touch that he doesn't deserve to be attorney general," King said on Fox News. "I mean, this is why he wants to have the terror trials of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in Lower Manhattan -- he just doesn't get it."

Ladies and gentlemen, in many ways, Americans have forgotten the morning of September 11th and the aftermath. We are, of course, extraordinarily lucky that the recent series of terrorist attacks have failed. It does not mean that "they" have stopped trying. And it doesn't mean that a future attempt will not succeed. We seem to worry about hurting someone's feelings or offending someone's sensitivities. Consider how offended we would be if Shahzad's Nissan had exploded as intended. Consider how offended those who would have died or been maimed that day would have been.

This is not being written to offend anyone, but rather to highlight the truths being spoken by Congressmen Smith and King. Anyone is free to disagree. But the truth is that an insistence on political correctness will get some of us killed. Call it like it is. Radical Islam is the focus here, not all of Islam.


One item missing from your assessment of Islam. The line between
Islam and Islamism is fuzzy, according to Geert Wilders. Can you
prove that the line between the two is more definitive?

No, I cannot draw that line, except to reiterate a long held belief of mine. There is a big difference between political and religious Islam.

This is clearly a controversial topic...and is problematic "...because Islamist jurists in the Arab world have considerable resources, they at times drown out or wear down more pro-assimilation voices. The collision between Western interpretations of personal freedom and some Islamist interpretations of Muslims' rights and duties is inevitable. For mainstream Muslim jurists, Islam trumps all aspects of human activities..."

It is problematic because the position of political Islam is contrary to assimilation...and also because many people adopt a narrow one-size fits all "understanding" of the issue, and remain unwilling to accept the separation between religious and political Islam.

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