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"International Links" Seen In NYC Bombing Attempt

I've been telling folks not to discount Taliban's claims of ownership or connection to the New York City bombing attempt. To dismiss it would mean to gamble that this is the first time that the Taliban or al-Qaeda ever made a false claim of responsibility of an attack. Those are not odds to take with you to Vegas or Atlantic City.

Well, from the Washington Post comes the headline, "Officials increasingly see international plot in Times Square bomb attempt."

The failed car bombing in Times Square increasingly appears to have been coordinated by several people in a plot with international links, Obama administration officials said Tuesday.

The disclosure, while tentative, came as the White House intensified its focus on the Saturday incident in New York City, in which explosives inside a Nissan Pathfinder were set ablaze but failed to detonate at the tourist-crowded corner of Broadway and 45th Street.

Emerging from a series of briefings, several officials said it was premature to rule out any motive but said the sweeping, multi-state investigation was turning up new clues.

Separately, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs also characterized the incident for the first time as an attempted act of terrorism. "I would say that was intended to terrorize, and I would say that whomever did that would be categorized as a terrorist," Gibbs said, sharpening the administration's tone.

Another U.S. official, recounting a conversation with intelligence officials, said, "Don't be surprised if you find a foreign nexus. . . . They're looking at some tell-tale signs and they're saying it's pointing in that direction."

No, "Don't be surprised." They mean what they say.

Laugh about the Times Square bomb's failures and inadequacies at your own peril, not mine.

This particular bomb itself is unimportant. What is important is where its impetus comes from. What is important is that it could have killed anyone on the sidewalk nearby.

And what is important is that the (likely) first-time bomb maker and the driver - if not the entire cell utilized to attempt this - were expendable.

This was a probe. I'm not laughing.

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