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Cartel Pirates Sailing Falcon Lake, Tx.

It has become increasingly more ludicrous that American citizens are exposed to the lawlessness and ruthlessness of the Mexican drug cartels. The most recent examples are the three times since April 30th that American fisherman have been accosted and robbed by cartel pirates on Falcon Lake near Zapata Texas.

No injuries were reported in connection with any of the three recent incidents. During each of the encounters, groups of men armed with assault rifles confronted boaters, looking for drugs and money, troopers said. The Texas Department of Public Safety issued a bulletin Tuesday that outlined the three confrontations. The most recent occurred Sunday on the U.S. side of the lake, which spans the state's border with Mexico, authorities said.

For reference, Falcon Lake is a reservoir near Zapata Texas that straddles the Rio Grande. Sports fishermen go there to catch bass. The location of Falcon Lake is shown in this Express News Graphic.


So ask (and answer) the following question. If Los Zetas are bold enough to attack fishermen on a lake, what's next?

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Not sure what government "owns" Falcon Lake, but I wonder if it would be legal to carry a hunting rifle, in case of varmints? Seems like pirate baiting could become an interesting sport, much more fun than sniping prairie dogs.

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