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The China Dream: Dream With Eyes Open

On the issue of China, my first article at Breitbart's Big Government was published this week: _PLA Senior Colonel: 'The China Dream' Means US Defeat_. It's a warning and a call for vigilance and awareness, inspired by another book published by a Peoples Liberation Army colonel calling for aggressive Chinese measures to unseat America as the most powerful nation on Earth.

On the path to 9/11, many of us National Security wonks were intensely studying and tracking China and its activities before the al-Qaeda attacks of 9/11. Just as so many had our eyes too focused on a single ball then, it is a necessary exercise of experience and wisdom to ensure the same mistake is not made again, simply in the reverse. We cannot afford to be - neither as a National Security community nor as a society - so critically focused on our terrorist enemies as to lose sight of an equally determined if even more patient strategic competitor. Though the Chinese are much less overt than our terrorist enemies, their grand strategies and ambitions are hardly invisible. One need simply look for them and recognize them when seen.

It's not a panting, hyperventilating declaration that the sky is falling, but rather a reminder that we were singularly focused on just one ball leading up to 9/11 and risk being similarly singularly focused since. This would be a grave error. China's intentions are clear. You simply need to pay attention.

In today's hyper-intellectual exercise of Foreign Policy and National Security debate, especially when regarding China, never confuse "patient" with "nuanced." Nuance is overrated and often leads to policy inaction and confusion in the place of clarity and direction.

When it comes to considering the Chinese PLA book The China Dream, America would do well to dream while awake and with her eyes open.

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