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Shameful Encounter

No names will be revealed here. But the following describes a very real exchange that occurred last week with someone who might best be described as a pacifist (rather than an anti-war liberal).

It is understandable, especially given the politicization of U.S. counterterrorism policy, that clear differences of opinion about the War on Terrorism exist. Especially given the dilution of the "perceived mission" among a large portion of the population that bases its opinions on those of others, the on-going battles in Iraq, Afghanistan and soon, probably other theaters of operation, disagreements are probably also "understandable."

A reference was made to a segment of the Frontline program "Behind Taliban Lines" as "some of the funniest TV EVER! It is amazing that we support both sides!"

When confronted with the question, "what is it that is so funny about the video" the response was: "if you didn't see it I can't explain it to you. No Americans were harmed" and "if you can't agree that it is embarrassing that the cultists in this video offer us any threat, we may not agree."

So, because no Americans were harmed and because the Afghan insurgents appear to be incompetent, someone thinks that armed attacks, even if failed attempts, are funny and indicative that U.S. policy in Afghanistan is inappropriate. The problem friends is that this one person's views are very likely shared by many others (who are equally uninformed). Consider the fortunate situation that the members of "The Central Group" eventually succeeded in killing the Afghan police in the same area shown in the video. The video is part of a report and an interview with Najibullah Quraish.

Often real life exchanges like this one emphasize the reasons why we write opinion, commentary and analysis here at ThreatsWatch. This one example of someone's "thoughts" though represents what I see as a shameful expression of an opinion that minimizes the real threat because of the apparent incompetence of the Afghan insurgents. If it is indicative of the views of others, parts of our population sorely misunderstand and underestimate the threats we face.

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