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Russia, China Waterboard Iran Sanctions

It's not surprising news, but it is news nonetheless. The West has finally drafted Iran sanctions - predictably weakened by its China-Russia protectorate. The UN Security Council veto-wielding Iranian allies have remained true to form.

Western countries, under pressure from Russia and China, drafted a blueprint for a fourth round of sanctions against Iran which would not tighten the ban on trade between Western banks and the Central Bank of Iran (CBI), Israel Radio reported overnight Friday.

Diplomats at the United Nations were quoted as saying that the United States, Britain, France and Germany accepted Russia's proposal that the West only ban trading with newly-established Iranian banks, and not increase existing trade limitations with the CBI.

China holds a position similar to Russia's.

Russia and China not only blocked blacklisting Iranian banks, but also blocked an arms embargo. It's the diplomatic equivalent of the East waterboarding the West and diluting diplomatic measures and sanctions to a predictably inert status. Sanctions - with the Russia-China protectorate - will never hinder the Iranian nuclear gambit.

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