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Israel May Have Assassinated a Hamas Leader - And?

The story that Israel 'may' have assassinated the co-founder of Hamas' 'military wing' (as opposed to its purely benevolent 'political wing,' of course) is not new news. I've yet to weigh in on it. But the story just won't go away. And it sticks in my craw like a thorn under my fingernail.

The UAE and Europe are all up in arms with righteous indignation that the Mossad (Israel's primary foreign intelligence service) - they almost certainly rightly charge - used forged passports in their plot to take out Hamas' top gun runner and principal link to their Iranian benefactors.

The United Arab Emirates Foreign Ministry issued a statement Sunday saying it was "deeply concerned" that passports from countries whose "nationals currently enjoy preferential visa waivers" were used in the recent assassination of a senior Hamas figure.

The statement was the most high-level comment by Dubai or UAE authorities on the January slaying of senior Hamas figure Mahmoud Mabhouh, which some allege was carried out by the Israeli spy agency Mossad.

My response: And???

Perhaps similar loud, exasperated and persistent condemnations would have come from these moral cowards had Hamas' suicide bombers and rocketeers had the audacity to use the dreaded forged passport ploy to gain entry before targeting Israeli civilians massed in buses or in pizzerias. Surely that would have netted media hellfire and brimstone condemnation.

But don't hold your breath.

imagine for a brief second, just a fleeting moment, that al-Qaeda's #2 Ayman al-Zawahiri were trotting around Dubai or anywhere else on the planet. When the CIA whacks him deader than a river stone (because we sure don't want to take prisoners anymore), are you going to cry about the CIA using forged passports to quietly get within bloodletting range?

Understand that Hizballah and Hamas (et al) are Israel's al-Qaeda. Both have the blood of hundreds of Israeli civilians upon their Iranian-backed hands. And they stand more alone today than ever before - if Europe's reaction does not make this patently clear.

For my friends who prefer to hold a supposedly nuanced approach to the whole ordeal, well, I can see your lips moving, but I can't hear a word you are saying.

It's that simple. And that disgraceful.


It was just about 8 years ago in Netanya.

Steve, you are amazing

Well, Joey, I don't know about all that noise, but thank you. I am glad you found something of value in it.

I'm not a rocket scientist, and it serves me well. Because none of this - not one bit of it - is rocket science.

Yep, Jay. The benevolent political movement of Hamas, righteous and justified in its claims.

Claims to land, and claims to the flesh of 30 Israelis on that day, several of them children in high chairs at tables, as I recall.

The world yawns. "Those zany Palestinians. That's just what they do." Always the focus is on the plight of the Palestinians - and none of their plight of course is due to the terroristic and isolative nature of the terrorist groups who control them. Oh, no. It's the Jews' fault.

Perhaps the Jews are stealing all of their water, and that's why Israel is green and, just over a certain line in the dirt, the Palestinian Territories are sandy, dusty slums and trash heaps.

Filthy Jooooos. Always have it coming, don't they? Perhaps if they focused more on indiscriminate killing and stop wasting their time inventing things and selling things and growing things and building things, they too could share in the regional plight. The Bastards.

Steve, one of the more striking things about Netanya and other suicide (murderous) attacks that have occurred over the years is how many Israeli Arabs have been killed, or have had their businesses destroyed by Hamas attacks. Yet, those who defend Hamas will always point to the "fact" that Hamas has its humanitarian arm that builds schools and feeds the poor. And that doesn't even consider the counterfeit cigarettes, for example, that Hamas deals in down in N. Carolina (or is that "up"?).

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