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Divine Secrets of the Yahya Sisterhood: It's Not Adam Gadahn

It was widely reported earlier that Pakistan had captured Adam Gadahn in a counterterrorism raid in Kirachi. We all hoped it was true. Once again - as is so often the case with "unnamed Pakistani official(s)" - the first report is wrong. Likely a matter of confusing non-Western names, in this case 'Yahya.' It was not Adam Yahya Gadahn (aka Azzam al-Amriki, aka Azzam the American, aka Yahya Majadin Adams, aka Adam Pearlman) but rather an "Abu Yahya Mujahideen al-Adams." I like to refer to it as the Yahya Sisterhood. Terrorists hate being laughed at more than being shot at.

The latter is reported (sourcing yet more unnamed US and Pakistani officials) to be an American "al-Qaeda commander" from Pennsylvania. While disappointing that it was not the incredibly annoying California native currently producing al-Qaeda's English language video propaganda, a captured al-Qaeda terrorist - especially a traitorous American al-Qaeda terrorist - is nothing to get glum about.

UPDATE: BBC News reported the following:

The man has been named as Abu Yahya Azam, an Egyptian-American, who is believed to be a close aide to Osama Bin Laden.

He is reported to have been in charge of al-Qaeda operations in Afghanistan.

Pakistan's GEO TV reports:

KARACHI: Two terrorists, including a key al-Qaeda commander, were arrested from Karachi, sources told Geo Sunday.

According to sources, security agencies raided a house located at Super Highway in Karachi, in which two people, including a commander linked with the al-Qaeda network, were arrested.

The arrested men include Commander Abu Yahya Azam, a close accomplice of Usama bin Laden.

They were later shifted to some undisclosed location for further interrogation.

[End Update]

The US ambassador to Pakistan just days ago noted the urgency of finding American Muslims currently in Pakistan and Yemen for terrorist training. The realistic expectation is that they would use their citizenship and passports to re-enter America and attack her.

Reproduced below, a portion of our March 8 DailyBriefing.

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