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China's Human & Labor Rights Lecture

The UK's Telegraph asks in a biting commentary, Is China's Politburo spoiling for a showdown with America? The short answer is yes, of course. As is its Peoples Liberation Army military leadership.

And while the commentary whistles by concerns that are not limited to the Chinese - such as the value of the dollar amid profligate US government spending that seems to know no bounds - the Chinese lectures contained within deserve sharp rebuke.

For all of the faults of the US government's hand in the flailing American economy, it frankly will be a cold day in hell when Chinese lectures to anyone this side of the Iranian regime on "workers' rights" and "human rights" warrant merit beyond comic strip anecdotes.

"I don't think the yuan is undervalued. We oppose countries pointing fingers at each other and even forcing a country to appreciate its currency," [Chinese premier Wen Jiabao] said yesterday. Once again he demanded that the US takes "concrete steps to reassure investors" over the safety of US assets.

"Some say China has got more arrogant and tough. Some put forward the theory of China's so-called 'triumphalism'. My conscience is untainted despite slanders from outside," he said

Days earlier the State Council accused America of serial villainy. "In the US, civil and political rights of citizens are severely restricted and violated by the government. Workers' rights are seriously violated," it said.

"The US, with its strong military power, has pursued hegemony in the world, trampling upon the sovereignty of other countries and trespassing their human rights," it said.

"At a time when the world is suffering a serious human rights disaster caused by the US subprime crisis-induced global financial crisis, the US government revels in accusing other countries." And so forth.

We have some very real issues to tackle in the United States with regard to government spending, unfunded liabilities, government interventions and manipulations on the free market and protecting the value of the US Dollar.

But human rights and workers' rights are not among them. And anyone who gives an ounce of credence to such libelous Chinese (and U.S. State Department?) rhetoric is so deeply jaded that reality stands not a chance.

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