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San Antonio Emerges as Cyber Security Hub

Over the last few years, there has been a developing trend of cyber security activities in San Antonio Texas. Today there is a growing technology base in the Alamo City with a number of small companies combatting cyber attacks, a major and expanding cyber program at the University of Texas - San Antonio, the recent locating of the Air Force's 24th Wing and a contingent of other government agencies working the issue.

Just yesterday morning the local chapter of Infragard featured a session presented by a major government consulting firm on how an attacker can compromise a user's system by injecting malware onto one work station, take over the operation of the computer or server, and essentially steal everything from a possibly unsuspecting victim. As my colleague Michael Tanji knows better than I, this is a serious problem. Each day there is a new article about another cyber incident and the threat comes from domestic and International sources.

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