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From Russia With Love: "NATO Our Greatest Threat"

A interesting and important update to today's DailyBriefing. The ink's not even dry on the French deal to sell Russia helicopter carrier warships and President Medvedev declares NATO a "threat."

5. As France finalizes deal to sell Russia helicopter carrier warships, President Dmitri Medvedev declares NATO "Russia's greatest threat" and welcomes leaders of the Palestinian terrorist group HAMAS to the Kremlin.

Russian President Medvedev declares NATO to be Russia's 'Greatest Threat' - The News (Poland)
France Agrees to Helo Carrier Warship Sale to Russia - Reuters
OpEd: No reset, no restart -- no deal with Moscow - Washington Times
Hamas' Top Leader Visits Moscow - New York Times

That French deal looks smarter by the day.

And note Russia welcoming Hamas' senior leadership to Moscow today. Just for amusement, the observant might also note that Iran's Supreme Leader welcomed the top leadership of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Tehran today as well.

Iran Supreme Leader Meets Palestinian PIJ Terror Leaders: Praises, Predicts Fall of Israel - Tehran Times (Regime-run)

Surely there is an amply nuanced rationale explaining away the friends of friends and enemies of enemies appearance. Surely.

Nuance is overrated. Believe what you see.

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