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Fatwa Issued Against Full Body Scanners

After the Christmas bombing was interrupted, calls for more intrusive airport security, including the use of full body scanners increased. Now, in what could become a controversial issue, the Fiqh Council of North America, a group of Muslim scholars, has issued a fatwa against the use of full body scanners saying that their use violates Islamic rules of modesty. In many ways, this makes sense, especially given all of the previous objections to the full body scanners and the detailed anatomical images that they produce.

Oddly, the alternative being urged by the Fiqh Council is for air travelers of the Muslim faith to be subjected to a "pat down" by a TSA security agent. This begs the question of whether a non-Muslim security agent would also be violating the rules of modesty, especially when "patting down" a female traveler.

Assuming that there is a desire to respect religious beliefs and sensitivities of Muslim air travelers (as rightfully expected), how does it reconcile with air safety?

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