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Pirate Fighting in the Gulf of Aden (Revisited)

The January 18th Daily Briefing highlighted the resurgence of piracy off of the coast of Somalia. Actually, the observation made related to the paying of a ransom to the pirates and that paying rewards begets more piracy. Apparently, a total of $9 million was paid in ransoms in the hijacking of the Greek tanker.

The most recent incident has Somali pirates attacking a Cambodian cargo ship. At this writing, there are few details on what happened.

So it seems that very little has changed since last April 29th when Firewatch had the chance to interview Jim Jorrie, president of ESPADA Logistics and Security. Actually, it seems that a great deal has changed since then. ESPADA has expanded its capabilities by acquiring five additional armed, fast-patrol vessels for use in the Gulf of Aden.

As Jorrie told local San Antonio television station KSAT-12 some of the basics of his company's work. With al Qaeda trumpteting its involvement in Yemen based terrorism, as things heat up in the Horn of Africa region, it is companies like this one that are on the line. This disconnect, if there is one, is that ESPADA is based in San Antonio. Then again, the historic military presence in the city makes almost anything possible.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Jim Jorrie and I are friends and we operate in similar circles.