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Interview: Schippert On Iran, Terrorism

Wednesday, I spoke with Crane Durham on his radio program, 'Nothing But Truth' broadcast nationally on the American Family Radio Network. Crane asked what I thought of President Obama's approach to terrorism. My response was level but firm: I disagree wholly with a law enforcement and legal system approach to terrorism, as that is what largely led to our closed eyes and false sense of security going into September 11, 2001. We also discussed Iran, where President Obama's approach there compounds the failures already tallied by the Bush administration and all others before it.

The audio of our discussion is below.

Many thanks to Crane Durham and the American Family Radio Network for lending their airtime and allowing us to communicate with their over 2 million listeners.

It was an honor to have guest hosted for Crane for several days in December. I'm looking forward to the next opportunity. Hosting a national radio show is a strange mix of an easy and natural-feeling blast, yet exhausting. Once that mic goes cold, you need either a power nap or half a gallon of orange juice and coffee. (I've never tried the power nap approach, so I'm assuming that would do the trick.)

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