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America's Top Three Threat Developments

Since kicking up much dust regarding President Obama's quiet empowerment of InterPol on US soil, I've been intellectually disengaged for the most part in my annual 'decompression week' over the Christmas holiday. A necessary retreat. But it's time to re-engage.

There are three pressing situations that require attention, analysis and awareness.

1. The internal Iranian developments are fast and furious, yet largely under-reported still. Is the regime at a crucial tipping point? Has the regime actually made an aircraft ready to whisk Supreme Leader Grand Ayatollah Khamenei away to safety? Are there quiet and secret splits in the ranks of its military and security forces, including the Revolutionary Guards Corps and the Bassij?

2. What is to be made of al-Qaeda's latest attempt to bring down an airliner descending into Detroit? What's to be made of our own systems, organizational awareness and domestic security?

3. The question of why Interpol was granted full diplomatic immunity and its archives and records "inviolable" has yet to be addressed by the White House. It has been two weeks since the amending of Executive Order 12425. (See: PrincipalAnalysis: Wither Sovereignty.)

Overview, tracking and analysis soon forthcoming at ThreatsWatch.

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