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Wars Don't End, They Are Won Or Lost

You may not be comfortable with Jim's rather direct language here. That's fine. So you wouldn't last long at the bar with blunt Special Forces operators and Marines wholly unimpressed with nuance. There are greater tragedies in life. But from the relative safety of your own chair, pay attention. Because whether you speak the language of Nuance or No Bull, the inescapable fact remains: Wars Don't End, They Are Won Or Lost. And Jim advises the new Commander in Chief with simple and direct advice on leadership in war.

This dovetails with two pieces up today at ThreatsWatch.

The military and its veterans and supporters fear most a politically motivated decision on Afghanistan rather than one based on a strategy for American security. Now is the time for wisdom, principle and leadership, not campaign considerations or past promise fulfillment. In Afghanistan, there is no middle ground.

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