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Schippert on Jones, Obama and Counterterrorism Leadership

Last night's overnight RapidRecon post, Jim Jones: Another Job 'Created or Saved'?, was an exercise in frustration. I had initially done an interview last night on Dr. Melissa Clouthier's popular show, The Right Doctor.

The first I heard of National Security Advisor Jim Jones's claim that President Obama has effected a more productive global counterterrorism strategy than President George W. Bush had was when Melissa Clouthier read it to me in the opening of her show. Clearly, by 2:00AM, my reaction here at ThreatsWatch hadn't changed or been tempered in pondering more.

Who's going to tell me this is because of Obama? I will laugh in your uninformed face. Out loud and in public.

Tuesday afternoon, I was asked by Crane Durham to discuss the subject on his nationalradio show, Nothing But Truth. Clearly, as you can tell in the audio archive of the interview published below, there has yet to be any tempering of the reaction.

Your money quote: "For a guy who has lived with the name Jim Jones for all of his life, he should know better than to drink the Kool-Aid."

Harsh? Not nearly as harsh as the effects of duping the American public into buying that President Obama's suddenly-found foreign policy and counterterrorism prowess has somehow netted a measurably more effective fight against terrorism and terrorists - dare I say, the War on Terror.

I hold no ill will towards or disrespect for General Jones. Hardly. But he said a very stupid thing and, in an apparent effort to solidify his position on the Obama team, made political hay where there need be none.

General Jones should just do his vital job and ensure that our forces continue to kill terrorists in an efficient, violent, will-breaking manner. Leave the stupid political comments to the politicians, Marine. Or, carry on and get fired already.

Either way, make stupid, self-conflicting politicized comments and they will continue to be challenged. Sometimes with a harshness commensurate with which such comments are received.

Note: Readers may also like to consider GWoRIT vs. OCO: Which has made/is making America Safer? at Flopping Aces.

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