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Post Inauguration Threats (V4) - Change Itself

It is not fed by media frenzy or the emotional outbursts of a few people at town hall meetings to debate "health care reform." Under the umbrella cry, "Change! Yes, We Can," the new Administration has from its earliest moments set off to change the tune and tenor of America as if turning a 35 rpm record (remember those) to the other side will bring more happiness when the music plays. There are people in this country who actually believe (or at least profess) that the Constitution of the United States needs to be drastically re-written to match the World as we know it today. Our Founding Fathers should be turning over in their graves right now at that thought.

While such drastic measures as a scrapping and re-writing of the Constitution are far from reality, we, the American people, are now on the edge of a new era of change and challenge.

My colleagues, when they wrote the masterful piece, Threats in the Age of Obama could not have predicted that one of the greatest threats posed by or to be experienced during the new Administration was the very change that scurried it into office, and the public debate that has ensued. After all, change is a double-edged sword that is sharp on both sides. People who have something to lose will argue that change is bad, and those who perceive that they have much to gain will argue that change is good.

No matter the side of the political spectrum, it is pretty clear that confusion still reigns and public sentiment is still in flux .

In the survey, 52% said they favor the government's creation of a new health insurance plan to compete with private insurers, and 46% are opposed. That is a big shift from late June, when 62% backed the notion and 33% opposed it.

Emotions are running quite high. And perhaps more of a concern is the blending of issues, with health care becoming a lightening rod, even for such other "Rights" issues such as the Second Amendment and more generally, states' rights.

The fact that protesters at President Obama's political events have begun showing up bearing arms may be disquieting, but it's perfectly legal -- and the Secret Service, charged with protecting the President, insists that it is not unduly alarmed by the development. That's because while the Second Amendment guarantees Americans the right to carry guns, federal law also gives the Secret Service the right to keep gun-toting folks away from the President.

Change, seemingly and often for change sake. But change in the context of this country involves gaining consensus, clear communication of the issues, compromise among the parties, and somewhere along the way, the cooperation of Congress. Real change takes time to accomplish. With the urge to change without the patience of time, grows the undercurrent of discontent. Generally, there is a return to the middle after dramatic swings to either direction.

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