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The Lingering (Intel) Goodbye

As noted in this space previously, we are doing this nation no favors by kicking our intelligence officers and the programs they work on around like soccer balls on a field full of five-year-olds. Lately there has been a lot of running around trying to chase the action, but not a whole lot of goal scoring.

Like toddlers playing soccer, politicians tend to like to call any ball that goes near the goal "close enough" for a point. The problem with that sort of play is that it prevents progress. Why bother developing your knowledge of the game when close enough is good enough? Why bother tallying up true success when everybody wins?

I harbor no illusions that intelligence will ever be completely de-politicized, but we would be well on our way to a more secure nation if the legislative branch would make an honest effort to deal with these issues with a fraction of as much seriousness as those who execute such missions do.

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