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Another Enemy From Within

"Terrorists are made, not born." Is that the excuse? Please come up with a better explanation for a kid from Patchogue Long Island New York going to an al Qaeda training camp in Pakistan and "suddenly" finding himself captured after being part of a group of terrorists who shot rockets on an American base Afghanistan?

What are we to do with "poor" Bashir al-Ameriki, the Long Island born terrorist?

L.I. Man Pleaded Guilty in Attack on U.S. Base in Afghanistan
The man, Bryant Neal Vinas, was captured in Peshawar, Pakistan, last November and days later began providing United States authorities with information about Al Qaeda, including particulars of a plot to blow up a Long Island Rail Road train inside Pennsylvania Station, which prompted a flurry of security activity over the Thanksgiving holiday, according to officials in the United States and Europe.
N.Y. Man Pleaded Guilty to Rocket Attack on U.S. Base (Update2)
In September 2008, Vinas, who is also known as "Ibrahim" and "Bashir al-Ameriki" fired rockets at the U.S. military base in Afghanistan, prosecutors said. He also admitted providing material information about New York City's public transit systems to terrorist groups including al-Qaeda from March 2008 to November 2008, according to the criminal felony information unsealed today.

Conspiracy to murder American citizens. What are we to do with "poor" Bashir al-Ameriki, the Long Island born terrorist? Apparently his knowledge of the al Qaeda network and training camps get him a life sentence. A lawyer for Bryant Neal Vinas (aka also known as Ibrahim, Bashir al-Ameriki and Ben Yameen al-Kanadee), however urges "We would just ask the public to withhold judgment until all the facts come out in this case."

A young Patchogue man who reportedly converted to Islam at a Long Island mosque emerged Wednesday as a key player in al-Qaida plots against area mass transit systems...This "real deal" converted to Islam and then turned on the United States. Does it really matter that he is cooperating with "authorities" after being captured and tried?