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Twitter Feed: Rolling Iran Coverage

For those interested in following, I have been providing rolling Iran coverage via Twitter. My personal Twitter feed is below.

Twitter: Steve Schippert

I have probably logged about a couple hundred updates through the night so far tonight, monitoring multiple feeds and sources for what precious little information is still leaking out of Iran past the grip of the regime.

Waiting nervously for some sources to come back online. Their silence since last messages leaves an eerie uneasiness. While they need to sleep, it is a nervous wait to see them back online. Continued silence after sunrise in Iran gives rise to fear over their possible fate.

You do not need to subscribe to Twitter nor create an account to follow the rolling page linked above.

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Twitter Joins the Revolution:
Faster, Please! » So How’s it Going in Iran

But the key element is the people. They are only just beginning to understand the reality of their situation. Virtually none of them imagined that they would be in a revolutionary confrontation with the regime just two days after the electoral circus, and few of them can realize, so soon, that they can actually change the world. I think the Mousavis now understand it (they know that they are either going to win or be destroyed). It remains to be seen if they can instruct and inspire the movement.

Much will depend on their ability to communicate. The regime has been waging a cyberwar against the dissidents, shutting down websites, cell phones, Facebook, and the like. As most people have learned, the basic communiations tool is Twitter, which somehow continues to function. Bigtime Kudos to Twitter, by the way, for postponing its planned maintenance so that the Iranians can continue to Tweet. Would that Google were so solicitous of freedom.

We don’t know who’s going to win. The Iranian people know that they’re on their own; they aren’t going to get any help from us, or the United Nations, or the Europeans. But paradoxically, this lack of support may strengthen their will. There is no cavalry on the horizon. If they are going to prevail, they and their unlikely leaders will have to gut it out by themselves. God be with them.

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