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Steve Schippert Show Tonight: 8PM EDT

For those interested, I've begun doing an Internet Radio program so imaginatively titled with my name (for lack of ideas that aren't worse) that streams from RFC Radio tonight at 8PM for one hour. I discuss added context for today's DailyBriefing, focusing somewhat on Iran.

I've learned that one hour is both difficult and easy to fill - meaning that it appears tough to fill an hour talking, but what is found out is that after providing useful context and background, there is not nearly enough time to cover all of the topics intended.

The first show was intended to have more humor than it ended up having. It is not devoid of humor by any stretch, but it ended up being less than the 50-50 mix intended. And the end of the show is a wondering aloud about Government Motors, Chrysler and FIAT that I am stunned I haven't heard anyone coin before.

The program will air at 8PM EDT tonight at the link provided below, and I will also be manning my post inside the chat room during the show for discussion, questions and debate. (The Chat Room launch button is right nest to the Listen Live button at the link.)

RFC Radio: The Steve Schippert Show

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