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Neda: The Voice of Iran

Her name was Neda. It means the 'voice' or the 'call' in Farsi. And in a struggle largely fueled by Iranian women's demands for rights, Neda most tragically becomes the Voice of Iran.

It is heartbreaking to watch, with her father screaming in unimaginable agony.

It is this anguish and agony that is shared throughout Iran. It has assured that the mullah regime's crackdown will fail.

Neda is now the Voice of Iran. The horror one feels when watching her passing is the Face of the Regime.

Analysis to follow.


The World should be crying for Neda.

How could any ruler allow his regime to do this to happen to his people?

Wow, it is true, tonight we are all Iranian.

The World should be crying for Khamenei's head on a stake.


Love you Neda x x x

The zealot that killed this young woman, on purpose, probably went home to a hearty meal with his family and felt no more than if he'd shot a rabid dog. These are the kind of people that Mr. Obama is releasing from Guantanamo and sending to island resorts and soon to your neighborhood. That could've been your sister, daughter, girlfriend, wife, niece or girl-next-door. I'm headed to the gun store, how about you?

people all over the world, please pray for Neda, her people and her family and speak out on her and her peoples behalf...justice must be served and Neda must be honored

you are a idiot!! go back to school and learn a little more History, Ignorant,

Ok, Anna Srout, you are a pathetic moron and a damned fool.

>> These are the kind of people that Mr. Obama is releasing from Guantanamo and sending to island resorts and soon to your neighborhood.<<

You have no idea. Those being released from Gitmo are those against whom your overzealous former govt could produce no evidence sufficient for prosecution under any sort of recognised due process. Remember the most high profile of all the Gitmo trials was Bin Laden's chauffeur.
If you want to find a group that more closely match those authorities in Iran who would trample their citizens constitutional rights in pursuit of their own narrow political agenda, you might look instead at your own former government.

Anna Srout you should be ashamed for using this video as an excuse for criticising Obama's policies.

You don't even know what you're talking about.

All i can do is hope the Iranian people is successful in this struggle for freedom. Knowing there are pieces of shits hezbollah coming from the Lebanon and some other palestinian fuckers just to hit on people makes me feel even worse.

Good luck guys.

Her name was Neda. She was only sixteen. She was someone's daughter, someone's granddaughter, someone's sister, someone's niece. She wll never be someone's wife, someone's mother, someone's aunt, someone's grandmother. Instead we watched her die a senseless death as she watched us watching her.

What do we see in her eyes as her young life drains from them right before our eyes? Do we see freedom? For her, yes. It was freedom of the worst possible sort. I saw a pleading for death to somehow pass her by even though she knew it was coming soon. What I also see is a young life stolen by a barbaric government with no regard for life, a life stolen before it truly had a chance to be lived to its fullest, a life stolen from the people who loved her most and a life stolen to block the pursuit of the most valuable right we all were born with.


Freedom to choose who leads us and to choose who we follow. Freedom to say that something is wrong or right without fear for our own life only because we say it. Freedom to read and write what we want. Freedom to live in a society that doesn't use fear as its primary tool to force us to live our life their way. Many of us live a life where these freedoms are taken for granted. We often forget that there are billions of people who never had them from the beginning.


Her eyes in those last few seconds of her life will forever haunt me until the day I die.

Her name was Neda. She was only sixteen years old. I hope that she didn't die in vain... Shame on those who hope that she did.

Islam forbids murder. Does the death of Neda by the order of the clerics, back down the Islamic state?

Yes, we are all Iranian today.

Who does it help? I mean violence is not the answer! Peace is.
We all pray for justice and Peace in Iran and around the world.

While I don't necessarily disagree, Anna, I don't think this story is the forum in which to talk about it. May I suggest that we don't soil this discussion with the usual flame bait material?

Ode to Neda
by Troy

She was a beauty
She was a lark
A beautiful songbird
Shot through the heart

A heart is so big
A life is so grand
When dying for freedom
In the homeland

Neda, the sweet
Voice of Iran
Now soars above
And sings like a swan

Little songbird
Fly away
And smile on us mortals
While we stay

Neda, the sweet
Voice of her land
Her beauty lives on
For her soul is so grand

@ Anna Srout

I happen to own a gun store, and I would not sell to an ignorant bigot like you. Your complete lack of compassion terrifies me more for the fate of our own country than Iran's. That being said, I hope these brave souls achieve what they are so desperately seeking: a chance at a free life.

For Neda

A voice as soft as a breeze through roses
The petals give scent to the air
And lift heavenward a message of flowers
To anyone who might care

Listen to the lady of voices
So gently she heavenward goes
Her voice can never be quieted
Her voice now the color of rose

Thank you Troy for the touching beautiful poem and thank you all non-Iranians for expressing your thoughtful sympathy with us. As an Iranian living in US, the only thing I can do is weeping and hoping for better times in my motherland.

We really need your support and sympathy.

But do you think what we really need is candles or rifles?

May peace be upon us.

It is unfortunate that Nada's shocking death before our eyes is what it takes to spark outrage against tyranny. It is true that we are all Iranian at this moment. I urge every man and woman who recognizes this horror to keep this young woman in mind so that we may remember the ugly face of injustice. Perhaps that is the only way we can make steps to change the world; change especially for the hundreds of nameless and faceless Nada's around the world; in Darfur, Iraq, Congo, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka. We whose hearts have broken, however briefly, with the sound of her family's cries, may we remember. Remember, so that we find it in ourselves not to hate and turn our souls black like those who oppress humanity. Let us remember what unites us; our love of life, fairness, dignity, respect for all mankind. Let us not make Nada's last breath a tragedy but a beacon of a renewed resolve to fight injustice and the ferocity of our intent to achieve peace and equality for all mankind.

Though the tragic death of this young woman is horrendous, noone should forget about the others who may have died and all those that are still in danger in Iran. They need our prayers and support more than ever.


For every secret sealed in flame,
Each grief engraved without a name,
I'll summon tender truths from shame,
With tears my talisman.

I'll shred the shroud of disbelief
And scatter ashes of relief,
Then weave these words into a wreath
No season can upbraid.

I'll lift the earth into the sky
So fallen stars again will rise;
Your suffering is my battle cry--
You did not die alone.

Haiku for Neda

With no conscience...

Life snuffed, and suddenly...

Her Father now mourns.

How can we stand by silently?

Her Name Was Neda.
Death , be not proud.
Life, remember Neda.
Humanity, weep.
People of Iran, be proud - you have Neda.
Her Name was Neda and her voice will reach the farthest corners of the world.


Neda, give me the power

God Bless Neda and all of Iran.
My heart and prayers are with you!

Goodbye NEDA.

Neda, my thoughts are with you. May you look down from Heaven and bestow comfort to your people. May God/Allah, bless the people of Iran.

I believe she was 26 yrs old and engaged to be married. God rest her soul, a beautiful girl gone.

Unfortunately for the posts this girl is not a martyr, she was merely stupid. She does not represent the will of the Iranian people. She was present at a riot that the Supreme said was unlawful, was warned that the government would use deadly force to end and was shot most likely by a stray shot. Folks as bad as you feel most Iranians like the religious state- only 37% in polls wanted change, there is no evidence the election was stolen it's mostly hype and wishful thinking- remember Florida and its 15 minutes in the news? None of the "reformist" candidates are in favor of western democracy as they were all vetted by the "evil clerics" prior to running. This regime is not going away lets figure out how to live with it in peace.

As much as it is distressing to see anybody shot every government responds the same to a riot. First the police warn the rioters and than they act. Iran's government told the rioters that they risked deadly force if they kept rioting or demonstrating depending on your defination of what is a riot. When a government allows anarchy to exist it stops being a government and becomes a mob. For us we need to remember Iranians don't want a change in government. At most 23% in pre voting polls wanted to change leaders mostly because of inflation and jobs. Can you argue there was fraud, of course, but so what, every election in the world has fraud including the USA.

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