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Cheap & Easy: Supporting Regime Change

I am no expert on Iran, nor am I schooled in the ways of international relations. What I do know is that if you are the nation in the world that is synonymous with liberty and freedom, there is more that can be done than issue strongly worded letters and judiciously crafted speeches.

Kind words will never overthrow oppressive regimes, but action will. Not the sort of action that is most commonly associated with our past attempts at regime change, but actions that could accelerate regime change under Iranian power and on Iranian terms. Some low-hanging fruit:
  • Mobile Phones. It's the personal communications and computing platform of millions around the world and arguably the primary way short bursts of information and pictures of what is taking place on the ground in Iran is getting to the outside world.
  • One Laptop Per Demonstrator. The One Laptop Per Child program aims to put the primary tool of the information age into the hands of students in the emerging world. Small, simple to use, ready to communicate and rugged enough for the hinterlands, it's a way to expose the world to more substantial content related to current events.
  • Subversive Technology. Promulgation of technology designed to overcome government firewalls and censorship technology has already been put to use in Iran, but more can be done. The lessons learned defending our information infrastructure from attacks could be used to help those fighting the regime.
I'm sure together our nation's best and brightest could come up with many more ideas that cost little or nothing, could be done covertly, and could be used to support the vigorous but struggling crowds that are taking to the streets, armed only with fists and rocks, fighting for the sorts of freedoms many in this nation have long since taken for granted.

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Its pretty much been accepted that because of the Iranian demographic with so many under the age of 30 (I've seen an estimate of 67% under 30), that the youth would eventually rise up. The Mullahs couldn't have known that the World would see everything.

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