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We Cannot Save Pakistan

When neither a society nor its military can muster the will to identify and fight, as a nation, a lethal enemy among them, it's over. Such is the condition in Pakistan. Pakistan, as a nation-state, is on a rapid path to implosion, disintegration and then explosion.

In short, it matters little what we do with them, what we do for them, what we give them, or what kinds of support we lend Islamabad. Unless and until the fragmented Pakistani society can uniformly identify the Taliban and al-Qaeda terrorists, no matter their heritage, as mortal enemies; and unless and until the Pakistani military can acknowledge this and muster the will to fight them and fight for the diverse society as a Pakistani nation, neither will survive.

And the above conditions seem not in the cards. And anointing Nawaz Sharif (ahem) Prime Minister once again may forestall or delay the al-Qaeda-induced and self-enabled fall of Pakistan, but it most certainly will not prevent it.

I could write a lengthy and heady analysis of the myriad conditions and complexities defining the dismal state of affairs and bleak outlook. But there you have it in a nutshell. For another succinct nutshell with the same conclusions, see John Robb.

A nation that will not save itself cannot be saved. We will simply have to adjust. And with much alacrity and urgency.

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It would seem to me that at some point somebody is going to draw a straight line between illiteracy, lack of modern education, overtly primitive conditions and the brewing problem in the south of Asia and settle down to reveal that we are fighting the embodiment of abysmal ignorance bordering on stone age mentality in that region.

There was a cliche in the military when I was in,"hand grenades to the natives". A phrase meant to imply that given any modern device it would become immediately far more dangerous in the hands of the unsophisticated mob. We are witnessing that phenomena play out in the south of Asia. The people there have by and large seized onto the minimal weapons of the modern world and now wish to subjugate all within reach, and now rape and pillage unabated by any authority in many regions.

We need to stop playing the word games that make the squeamish believe there is some nice neat solution to the problem. The solution is to take a firm grip and delete that stone age mentality from the face of the earth. The failure to do so will certainly cause havoc in the remainder of the world, resulting in a slow, miserable, fatal disease that will eventually consume the world and plunge it back into the age which the Taliban so prize.

Unfortunately the kind of determination necessary to eradicate the Taliban is still not quite in focus for the West.At the rate the West is moving I would expect that sometime about the point where North America is the only holdout of civilization people might get the picture.

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