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Dilemma - To Aide the FBI (or not)

This doesn't seem to be much of a problem for me. Do I assist the FBI and other National Intelligence organizations or not? Seems like a pretty easy decision to make. Quite honestly, a strange thing happened a few weeks ago. A very new acquaintance (actually someone I haven't even seen since the first "meeting") asked what I did, and after I explained, he said that he was in the import/export business and was interested "in exporting military equipment to Mexico." That made my next phone call a pretty easy decision, actually.

But the "hesitancy" expressed by the American Muslim community seems to stem from the November 2008 Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development case that led to the convictions of five leaders of the organization.

The men were convicted in November of 108 criminal counts, including support of terrorism, money laundering and tax fraud. The group was accused of funneling millions of dollars to Hamas, which the government declared a terrorist group in 1995. As part of the trial, the government labeled roughly 300 different individuals and groups as "unindicted co-conspirators." The label does not affect anyone's rights, but Muslims complain it functions as a public smear.

Cooperation brings to mind a different case, but one that is of great personal concern. Recognizing that this article is from a source in Abu Dhabi, the concern about cooperation is an imperative. Consider the perspective and then re-consider the dilemma of whether or not to cooperate with the FBI.

We are not at war with Islam. We are at war with radical Islamic jihadist terrorists. No one should forget that. "I saw the smoke rising in the sky, just 30 miles to my West on the morning of September 11, 2001." Cooperate with the FBI? Is there really a choice?

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