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Broken Time, Alternate Comm

My time has been very broken as of late and my ThreatsWatch posting spartan at best as a result. As an alternate line of communication, I have been taking advantage of the utility of Twitter's micro-blogging. Readers may take some interest in the bits and pieces I've shared via my Twitter page in my broken avails.

Steve Schippert on Twitter

Links shared recently include 'realists' considering accepting reality of a nuclear Iran, first US-based pro-al-Qaeda magazine pubbed by a known genius in North Carolina, Pak PM Gilani laments foreign terrorists kicking up dust in Pakistan (but no mention of Pakistani terrorists) and a link to the audio archive of my Friday radio appearance that concluded with an essential primer on why it is important to know who Nawaz Sharif is today, not after he becomes Pakistan's Prime Minister again or president.

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