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Anti-aircraft Weapon Seized in Sonorra Mexico

Mexican police have seized a 50 caliber machine gun capable of shooting 800 shots per minute up to 1,500 meters away at a house in Sonorra Mexico, across from Arizona. Also seized were a grenade launcher, five shotguns, a hand grenade, and scores of magazines and cartridges.

Reports are that a "nice" young lady named Anahi Beltran Cabrera has been detained. One very important comment from this report should be noted: "Stunned federal police said they had never before seized such an awesome, military-grade weapon in Mexico."

The US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has traced many guns used by the cartels back to the United States. But ammunition like grenades is smuggled in mostly through Central America, and has been traced back to the militaries of many nations, from South Korea to Spain to Israel, the ATF says. Mexican authorities have suspected the cartels of using anti-aircraft guns in the past.

So, the open question remains if and to what degree the weapons being used by the Mexican cartels is coming from the U.S., or as indicated by the ATF, there are other external sources of these weapons. No doubt that some of the weapons are coming from the U.S. But instead of blaming American gun owners for some of the heavy fire arms showing up in the hands of the cartels, it might be best to look to some of "our friends" to the south and elsewhere. See: Of Drones, Guns and Cooperation

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