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Redefining the Obvious

General William Tecumseh Sherman said that "war is hell." Apparently, the War on Terror(ism) has now become the Overseas Contingency Operation.

Despite politics, words mean alot to the general population. Why? Because a large portion of the population depends on the words that they read to formulate how they think about the issues of the day and the events around the world. However, (and clearly only a personal opinion), employing the beauty of the nuances of the English language (American style) in an attempt to alter the truth and reality of what is, is simply transparent.

Whether aware or accepted by the "masses," the reality is that we are engaged in a global conflict against terror(ism) and that war, is being waged against "people" like Osama bin Laden and his many minions. Whether a slip of the "Ethernet lip," or a telegraphing of a policy change, we remain engaged in a Long War which is being waged against an Islamic Fundamentlaist jihad, and the parsing of words cannot and should not, change our resolve to fight and win the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT). Note that if it isn't the GWOT, someone should tell the people at the Pentagon whose programs focus on fighting it.

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