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Mexican "Superman" and "Other" Contradictions

The last week has brought more and more proof of the absolute lunacy that sits yards from our Sovereign border with Mexico. Some of the information I receive is "open source" and some of it comes from "gang task force" sources.

Rosalio Reta sits at a table inside a Laredo Police Department interrogation room. A detective, sitting across the table, asks him how it all started.

Reta, in Spanish street slang, describes his initiation as an assassin, at the age of 13, for the Mexican Gulf Cartel, one of the country's two major drug gangs.

"I thought I was Superman. I loved doing it, killing that first person," Reta says on the videotape obtained by CNN. "They tried to take the gun away, but it was like taking candy from kid."

Rosalio Reta and his friend, Gabriel Cardona, were members of a three-person cell of American teenagers working as cartel hit men in the United States, according to prosecutors. The third was arrested by Mexican authorities and stabbed to death in prison there three days later.

Just eight days ago, a shoot out in Reynosa led to the deaths of 4 teenagers. On February 17th six people were killed. Last Saturday, on March 7th, the Edinburg Valley Central reported that four teenage girls had been caught in the cross fire of a shoot out between gang members.

For those who actually read Spanish, articles can be found here and here.

The actual gang intel read something like this:

Saturday's midnight clash leaves four dead and three wounded in Reynosa TA, Mexico. A chase of a dark colored Chevy Tahoe bearing Texas registeration ensued when Federal Police attempted to stop the vehicle in the colonia of "La Canada". Occupants of the vehicle opened fire as Mexican Police pursued the vehicle...Three teenagers bodies were visible lying lifeless in front of the Hotel Paradise as Mexican military and Federal Police blocked off sections of the area..."

Texas seems to be the first line of defense against the violence that now plagues our neighbor just south of the border. And yet, there is another instance of dissonance within the new Administration because on the one hand, we have new Secretary of Homeland Security saying that she would consider sending border patrol agents, wouldn't militarize the border with Mexico and we also have President Obama indicating that he would consider putting National Guard on the border (recognizing that the initial discussion was militarizing the border and not deploying National Guard which I thought was a discretionary act by a State Governor).

Honestly, I am bored with writing about this. But "certain" shortages abound in Texas.

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Frankly, I too am tired of writing about the unchecked violence, I'm ready to write about some unfettered border defense and massive deportations of ILLEGALS and gangsters...

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