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Info Sharing Woes (Again)

Why, in 2009, we are still having this conversation is beyond me. If anything has been proven in this area in the last few years it is that one-more-network to access isn't the solution, in fact it's usually an impediment. When accessing your daily dose of "sharing" becomes a chore, the importance of logging on quickly fades. Sure, separate bureaucracies like to run their own shows, but that model isn't getting us anywhere. One open system that anyone could contribute to in the fashion they chose is a model that we know works. Incentivize separate bureaucracies by making uniqueness-of- and quality-of-contributions and not size of infrastructure the metric of success.

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I am not at all surprised by this. The information sharing environment doesn't know how to share. If you're interested, there is a program up and running in Maryland that is working on the basis of information brokering (and it is scalable).

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