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Time Better Spent

Operating on the assumption that everything documented here is true (and we've all been involved in enough stuff like this - usually on a much smaller scale - to know that it has that ring to it) it begs the question: when everyone knows you're not perfect, why the fa├žade?

The PRB issues notwithstanding, there is no shortage of cases of intelligence officers coming up short. Sometimes those shortcomings are major, sometimes much less so, but the point is that you find this sort of thing happening in every agency in the government yet the response is the same: nothing to see here; shoot the messenger.

When you foster this kind of behavior (and let's be clear: not cleaning house is tantamount to approval) it just accelerates the departure of people with standards and ethics and all the other traits you need when you're trying to retool for present and future challenges. The only people who will be left are the detriments, those with no other options, and those who haven't witnessed the mayhem and depravity.

Wouldn't we all be just a little better served if the time and energy spent on shutting up good people and protecting the bad were redirected towards purging the latter and nurturing the former?

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