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Mexico: A Narco-Insurgency At America's Border

Go to YouTube and watch this BBC report on protests organized at US/Mexico border crossings. It's important in order to get an opening grasp of the situation.

In this BBC report, the journalist says that "the Mexican government says there's more to these protests than might first appear. It says everything was staged by the drug cartels, which is feeling the pressure as the army takes them on."

This is the basic definition of an insurgency. Armed opposition to the sitting government, enlisting popular support against the same, and an infrastructure that not only includes violence, but a cash flow and other resources to sustain its fight.

Most might hesitate to call Mexico a nation in the middle of a narco-insurgency, but that's exactly where it is. And its troops and police forces are learning counter-insurgency tactics and operations on the fly via on the job training. They have no choice.

This is the state of America's southern border.


The situation in Mexico is a multi-faceted problem. The most visible symptom is the internal drug violence that is spilling over the non-existent border. IMO, insurgency does not decribe fully what is happening or will happen.

The only thing I do NOT understand is why there has been no POTUS to date willing to seal our southern border and coast lines.

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