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Border Battles Continue (but on the other side)

The situation south of the border is becoming even more worrisome with the border protests (on the Mexican side of the border) leading to the deaths of 5 suspected drug traffickers and the wounding of four police officers and three civilians in Reynosa (just a short distance from McAllen Texas). According to at least one report, as many as ten people died. It is also believed that the street protests may actually be the work of Los Zetas. This is attributed to the Governor of the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon.

One taxi driver said other taxistas were told by the cartels to demonstrate at the bridges or risk losing their cars or their ability to operate. "Everything has a price," the driver said. "If the military left ... I wouldn't be happy, but the cartel would."

One must question the merits of the Merida Initiative (the U.S. spending to help stem the flow of narcotics) when the Calderón government seems unable to control the cartels. While an opinion, it would seem a deflection from the bullseye issue to blame the violence in Mexico on either American use of illegal narcotics or the transport of fire arms across the border from Texas to Mexico.

In other news from Mexico, CBP seized $4 Million worth of marijuana in El Paso.

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And I still fail to understand WHY no orders from D.C. have come down to fully secure our border..

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