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A Son's Homecoming and Reflection

Upon the safe return of his Marine son from deployment in harm's way, a good man - Herschel Smith at The Captain's Journal - has a few Thoughts on the New Media and Military Blogging that you might take the time to consider today.

One of the brighter sides of blogging like this is the exchange of e-mail that occurs between bloggers and professional military. Guys like the Godfather of Milblogging, Matthew Currier Burden, knows who I am and is happy to talk with me. TCJ has enjoyed the witty quips back and forth between Andrew Exum who blogs at Abu Muqawama. It has been a pure pleasure to get to know Dave Dilegge at the Small Wars Journal. TCJ absolutely cherishes the long, thoughtful, scholarly and very personal notes back and forth with Col. Gian Gentile, Academy Professor and Military History Division Chief at West Point. TCJ also appreciates all of the trust various professional military have placed in us, giving us first hand accounts, personal perspectives, good analysis and sometimes OPSEC (which of course TCJ doesn't divulge). This is always good for creating the right perspective, even if the information is too sensitive to share. And TCJ is smart enough to know when something is too sensitive to share.

Mostly, TCJ is thankful to God for the safe return of our very own warrior from Iraq, and soon-to-be safe return from the 26th MEU. This blog existed as an outlet on sleepless nights waiting for that fateful knock at the door by a Marine Chaplain that didn't happen. If there is a single bit of worth to this blog it will be continued. But this is so very difficult to measure. What metric would one apply, and how would data be gathered to assess that metric?

There are still many questions, and this article hasn't yielded any answers.

For the rest of us, one important question was answered by Herschel's article. "How's your Leatherneck son doing?" Glad to have the answer provided above, and we are also very grateful for your own efforts and diligence through The Captain's Journal.

To father and son, Semper Fi.

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