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ThreatsWatch on with Hugh Hewitt Tonight: Gaza and Hamas

I will be talking Gaza and Hamas with Hugh Hewitt in the first segment of his radio show today, tentatively scheduled for 6:10 PM (EST). Readers online can go to AM 970 The Apple (New York City affiliate) and simply click the "Listen Live" button in the upper left hand corner of the site or tune to your local over-air radio affiliate.

Hugh had asked last week about what is in the Hamas arsenal inside Gaza. When I provided him a top-of-my-head summary via e-mail, he published (after first kindly asking, of course) the list and context provided here.

Also, ThreatsWatch readers have noted the lull in publishing activity over the month of December while we updated the site. The fruits of that update are not visible yet, but will be appearing in new reader capabilities and published content types and organization over the coming days, with the heavy technical lifting nearly completed. We will keep you posted via RapidRecon as new features are tested and rolled out.

We appreciate your patience. But most of all, we appreciate your hunger for information and the ever-important context it is provided in here. We're back. Re-energized and stronger than ever. And none too soon.

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