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Threats in the Age of Obama

The election of a new President is always seen as an opportunity to critique the past (in many cases the immediate past), and project our hopes and wishes into the future each candidate for the nation's highest office promises. There is no shortage of books, white papers, monographs and other narratives designed to influence and spark discussion on issues of national import.

And today we add to that pile with the publication of a new book, Threats in the Age of Obama, a compilation of intellectually diverse essays on a wide range of national and international security issues edited by the Center for Threat Awareness Senior Fellow Michael Tanji and including a chapter by CTA Senior Fellow and ThreatsWatch managing editor Steve Schippert.

As Michael Tanji wrote in opening Threats in the Age of Obama, the book contains very independent thinking from its contributing subject matter experts (SMEs).

In the next four years:

  • - Are we set for progress or regression on weapons proliferation?
  • - Will the face of terrorism even look the same?
  • - Will Pakistan be a bigger terrorism threat or nuclear risk?
  • - Is our IT and Communications infrastructure prepared for the onslaught?
  • - Under President Obama, what will become of American missile defenses?

Michael summarizes the purpose of the book in his introductory essay:

If you are on a mission to change the way government works, particularly in the national security arena, this is one of the few places where some independent thinking is to be found. It is with that in mind that we offer our view of some of the more pressing threats the Obama administration will have to deal with in these early days of the 21st century.

You are always welcome to engage us on related issues here at ThreatsWatch, and in the near future we hope to record a series of podcasts and host virtual discussions with the various contributors to the book.


Contributing authors include, in alphabetical order, Dan tdaxp, Christopher Albon, Matt Armstrong, Matthew Burton, Molly Cernicek, Christopher Corpora, Shane Deichman, Adam Elkus, Matt Devost, Bob Gourley, Art Hutchinson, Tom Karako, Carolyn Leddy, Samuel Liles, Adrian Martin, Gunnar Peterson, Cheryl Rofer, Mark Safranski, Steve Schippert, Tim Stevens, and Shlok Vaidya. And last, but really first, editor and contributor, Michael Tanji.

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